Why Joining an Engagement Group to Boost your IG



Instagram has been used worldwide as a marketing platform for various business possibilities, it has been catching its popularity in south east asia, especially Malaysia and Singapore.

People are no longer focusing only in 1 platform (Facebook) for their business social media marketing, with increasing users of Instagram in the 2 countries (9.2milions in Malaysia, 1.9milions in Singapore, information by April 2017), it will not be wise to delay any days to build your business a strong IG profile.


So, if you wish to create awareness of your company/service/product, what is most important in Instagram and how it will help to achieve your goal?


With the constant change of IG’s set up, we do not promise the one way you apply now will be effective in the next day.

However, the latest one which we know, we want our IG post to be appeared at the top when users are searching by certain hashtag (#) or keyword.
Let us study below case:

We assumed there are 1,000 users posting a picture on the same day with same specific #hashtag (eg: #viral2gether),


(1) Where will your post be appeared at when another IG user searched #viral2gether in Instagram (at the end of the day)?

(2) Where do you wish your post to be appeared at?

(3) How can you achieve to have your post appeared at answer of (2)?



(1) It is believed that a post with good engagement within an hour after the post is posted, the post will most likely be appeared at the “Top Posts” which are the 9 posts shown at the top after you search for a keyword

(2) Of course, I will wish my post to be appeared at the “Top Posts”

(3) This will bring back to answer (1), to achieve good engagement within an hour after the post is posted



Here, we do not discuss what benefits you will have if your posts are at “Top Posts”. Maybe I should write it in another post, but for IG users and readers of this articles, I believe you should know it is important to be seen.


Now we talk about how we can build a good engagement for our post.

We are talking about the latest approach in 2017 which are not yet very popular, but there are already more and more people using it.

And we are creating one (may be the first one) for Malaysia and Singapore.

The reason we think it is important to create one for our region is rather simple: We hope our post will be seen and engaged with people in same region, where our target customer/audience is

That tells even if you are targeting the customer/audience in Malaysia/Singapore, and you are already joining the other engagement groups from typically America, which could bring hundreds/thousands likes, and you still should join a local engagement group





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