How to join our Instagram Engagement Group (Step by step instruction)


What is engagement group?

In simple context, It is a group of IG users who are committed to like/comment each other’s photo within a 90 minutes after a ‘Round’ starts

Alright, now we get straight down to the work, below are the step by step to join the group and get the things started:

(1) Download the app Telegram from either AppleStore or PlayStore and create your account (it is free)

(2) Join our group: (this group is for information and chat) & (this is for the LIKE round), make sure you join both groups

(you can search using telegram app, or you can type the link & in your website browser, it will link you to our group

(3) Read the instructions/rules in the group carefully and understand the time of each ‘like round’ so that you know which round you want to join. If you want to know when the next round will start, simply send /start to the group, the group chat will show you how much time left to the start of next round

(4) 30 minutes from the round starts, there will be a message to prompt all members to participate by dropping IG account name, if you want to join that round, make sure you send your IG name by @yourinstagramID

(5) If you decided to join that round, make sure you will be available in the 1 hour after the round starts, because within that 1 hour, all participants are required to start the engaging activity – by liking each others’ last posted picture, whoever failed to complete the task within an hour, he/she will be banned from joining the group

(6) When the round starts, you will have to click on the ‘List’ to get the participant list from the bot

(7) Copy the participant list to your IG account, send this list to yourself (private message), then start clicking one by one and like their latest picture (This is an easier way to visit each IG account, and will save your time)

That is all you have to do to join our group, I hope it will help to boost your IG account 🙂



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